Ways of Getting Rid of Bad Friends

The kind of friends that you will have can either break or make you. Hence, it is imperative to be wary of the company that you hang around with most of the time. In fact, most people judge people based on the type of friends that they have. If you want to live a good life, you need to be very careful of the people that you call friends.

Today, I will give you some golden tips on how to get rid of bad friends from your circle. It goes without saying that to do that you need to first identify their personal traits and compare them with yours. If they do not match, you have no business having them around you.


Stop Spending Time Together

Time spent with people who add no value to your life is time wasted. Based on this fact, you need to come up with ways of reducing the amount of time that you spend with them gradually. For instance, if you spend your weekends drinking, reduce the time that you go out with them.

Stick to Your Principles

If you do not have principles, it is the high time that you come up with several. For instance, promise yourself to manage your money or time better in the coming days and stick to that. As you strive to keep your promise to yourself, you will end up getting rid of the bad friends eventually.

Use the above tips to eliminate negativity from your life.

The Edge of Glory


Welcome to the edge of safety, right on the precipice of Adventure, at the edge of glory.

There’s only one type of Adventure when it comes to Peter Bray is to go big to go hard or to go home. why even get out of your bed in the morning?

We have too many sweetie sugarfoot’s running around in this world that don’t know how to take it like a man as far as doing something that requires some cahonas and some hair on your chest.

Severe a few types of people in this world few types of men even more so in particular to The Men Who watch things happen the men who make things happen to the men who don’t even know what’s going on.

Which one are you?

Will hear Peter Bray Adventures we had a test we call at the edge of glory test so that you the reader can determine which style of adventurer you are.

When you eat a piece of pizza do you start with the crust first or do you go straight for the tip our do you fold up pizza?

If you go straight for the crust, that means that you like things on the edge that you like to take the un ordinary route first.

You’re obviously there are some exceptions to this rule based on your personality and your traits as far as your mentality but this typically speaking and our cases we have seen it.

So stay climbing.

Next Stop, Something New

shadow_tds I lllwaves

It’s a wonderful feeling when you know that new adventures are on the horizon.

Maybe you weren’t always in the midst of an adventurous part of life maybe lately maybe you as well can relate To a time and a season in your life and things seem the more stagnant or complacent and not moving.

If that is the case and you are like most people and many people categorize that state as a state of sleepwalking or a state of not really living just existing.

This is why people like Peter Bray are so needed and appreciated as they live as living examples of a life outside of the boundaries.

Whether you want to take a bike ride on the trail through the woods so you want to go climb a mountain or maybe want to take a dive into the ocean from a waterfall cliff.

Whatever is your exhilaration persuasion there are different strokes for different folks…

but nevertheless we all try and strive for that feeling of something new.

Actually there are some boundaries that we have to overcome and break through to be to be able to become acclimated in environments that are foreign to that which is normal to us.

And in the process begins to grow up because as we know travel broadens a person so here at Peter Bray adventures, the purpose is to inspire and excite you taking new actions, exploring new horizons, ¬†you are going new places and not looking behind you…

Follow the Roadmap


The road to Freedom is paved with landmarks and signs along the way.

Like have you ever been in the beginning stages of a long Intrepid or journey and then as he set out you realize that you will find your Way there by the place that you start out in the landmarks that you see and the things that you remember for maybe a previous trip down the same road.

And so it is more talking about life because sometimes I have people who are farther along in their Journeys and make sure the same past that we won’t but you can save us a detour.

What did you learn the first time around?

So you say that you’ve been traveling on this road for way too long and now you’re encouraged to just keep on and you find the strength to what did you learn the first time?

If you made it through the fire what is your experience what is your gain because that is your Succession that is your testimony that is the one that you bring which is the experience that you’ve approved for making it through the situations that you went through.

So here at Peter Bray Adventures, we make sure that we continue to have the dialogue that allows you to look inside of your own a hiking bag to make sure that you’re ready for what’s ahead.

And as we wrap this particular post up we do it and make sure that we leave room for consideration to think about your health and think about if there needs to be a cleansing of your system.