Tips for Rewarding Customers

Rewarding loyal customers is one of the things that the most success companies in the car and truck towing business do on a regular basis. It helps them to edge a notch higher over their competitors and remain active. Here are some tips on how your “All Good Towing” company can reward its customers. Note that rewarding is equivalent or a sign of appreciation for the number of times that the client has called upon you to assist them whenever they find themselves stranded on the road.



This is one of the best ways that customers love to be appreciated. Giving some of them great discounts will not only help them to access your services more but also save them a few bucks for their other obligations. For instance, they can save the money for fueling the car or seeking other services such as home improvement. However, you need to be smart, to avoid the discounts having a bad impact on your monthly or yearly sales.

Gifts During the Festive Season

Giving out free gifts such as hampers to your clients during or around the festive season will get them in the mood to celebrate the many times that you have helped them get back on the road safely. You can also use this opportunity to sell your services, by selling, I mean marketing, by providing branded merchandise such as caps and t-shirts. As they walk around town wearing them, they will be freely marketing your company for you during the festive season.

Finally, you can reward your loyal clients by offering one or more free services. For instance, if they call you when the car runs out of gas, offer them a free engine check-up or tire change. Such simple signs of appreciation will greatly help you to enhance your business competitiveness in the market.



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