The Big Stage Adventure


So there is a stage for every season of your life even the one who is coming up even into bigger stages.

And even with as we go back in history like throughout the times when that communities in those countries come out to support the Gladiator is an Olympic athletes.

It’s because the entertainment during that time represented a need for the people who are living during that time of history or they want it just to be entertained.

Yes even if you went back and looked at the current day like WWE and World Wrestling Federation and they realize that they are like a current correlation to ancient gladiators.

80s boxing and wrestling and even now MMA another types of fighting I’ve just grown to be I just love the sport and entertainment happening.

And it wasn’t even this early this capacity of violence that prompted me to incorporate this into this post but it is the undercurrent this reflected in society.

How long will we stay in entertainment to these ideas that plant seeds that propose that violence is the only way to resolve issues and conflict?

And I say this in all seriousness knowing that I had one of the biggest parts of having the stage and the platform is knowing that you are ready with something to say.

All things happen in their time there’s a time and season for anything and just get to know that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the things that God has for those who love him.

You need that mentality of a champion you have to know that you’re a champion and Champion even as this company

And since we’re already in the vein of Champions in the champions in the vein of of the towing company and then we can even see a sometimes have it would be a metaphorical flat tire Where we seem just to be depleted of energy and resources to be able to get to continue on the journey and we would need this 

Or even this  for literal roadside assistance.

Reliability and loyalty are our values

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