The Edge of Glory


Welcome to the edge of safety, right on the precipice of Adventure, at the edge of glory.

There’s only one type of Adventure when it comes to Peter Bray is to go big to go hard or to go home. why even get out of your bed in the morning?

We have too many sweetie sugarfoot’s running around in this world that don’t know how to take it like a man as far as doing something that requires some cahonas and some hair on your chest.

Severe a few types of people in this world few types of men even more so in particular to The Men Who watch things happen the men who make things happen to the men who don’t even know what’s going on.

Which one are you?

Will hear Peter Bray Adventures we had a test we call at the edge of glory test so that you the reader can determine which style of adventurer you are.

When you eat a piece of pizza do you start with the crust first or do you go straight for the tip our do you fold up pizza?

If you go straight for the crust, that means that you like things on the edge that you like to take the un ordinary route first.

You’re obviously there are some exceptions to this rule based on your personality and your traits as far as your mentality but this typically speaking and our cases we have seen it.

So stay climbing.

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