Have A High Time


Are you ready to reach into the Stratosphere in your adventures and your levels of having fun?

The you very well may be entertained and John to the Peter Great Adventure as he jumps out of a plane alongside a team of fresh new individuals.

It may be helpful to begin by listing the samples of times when this is happening successfully and when people have reached the ground and the parachute open and everything went so accordingly.

Because there been cases where people who died before taking the step of this as I can see the proportion of Step of leap of faith off of the plane they have fear which is understandable.

To have fear when backing up on a new adventure is understandable it’s actually human.

I can see it now you’re at maybe what ten twenty thirty thousand feet altitude and you look over the edge of a cliff on the precipice of the plane you look down and are like wait a minute!

We start having a playback of all the pregame preparation and all the things that the structure and maybe had informed you about prior to getting onto the plane and but yet now you have to take the jump.

Well what we say is to do it the Peter Bray way.

Which is the state of Ohio with Reckless abandon into the wind and leave everything else up to God and to fate and to your destiny be careful but you still feel exhilarated of a successful outcome.

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