Higher Heights


What does it take to reach higher Heights?

Across all aspects of adventuring and traveling and journeying your road, it doesn’t matter in your respective life or whatever your situation is, It becomes absolutely beneficial to be able to consider and they are all of the things that it takes to be able to reach higher Heights.

One thing I like to use an analogy of this the eagle when the eagle is flying over the ocean the eagle learns how to conserve energy by drifting and Soaring Over the Ocean and finding these currents of hot air coming up from the water called thermals that enables it to sustain its flight across the body of water.

What do you need to do to reach Higher Ground?

First thing first you need to recognize and understand the importance of the highest higher power.

Then we can also look at the hot air balloons as they’re gaining altitude while they’re in the sky what they need to do is throw bags of sand over board.

Another factor that contributes to the rise in the level of the altitude of the hot air balloon is the fire the heat that releases the gas.

And so to sum it all up with you will need to look for when you’re looking to go into the next level and reach higher grounds in your life and in your situation, Is to release some baggage and let it falling down to the ground and also expect that there will be an increase in the heat and the fire that you will inevitably see.

But stay the course…

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