Follow the Roadmap


The road to Freedom is paved with landmarks and signs along the way.

Like have you ever been in the beginning stages of a long Intrepid or journey and then as he set out you realize that you will find your Way there by the place that you start out in the landmarks that you see and the things that you remember for maybe a previous trip down the same road.

And so it is more talking about life because sometimes I have people who are farther along in their Journeys and make sure the same past that we won’t but you can save us a detour.

What did you learn the first time around?

So you say that you’ve been traveling on this road for way too long and now you’re encouraged to just keep on and you find the strength to what did you learn the first time?

If you made it through the fire what is your experience what is your gain because that is your Succession that is your testimony that is the one that you bring which is the experience that you’ve approved for making it through the situations that you went through.

So here at Peter Bray Adventures, we make sure that we continue to have the dialogue that allows you to look inside of your own a hiking bag to make sure that you’re ready for what’s ahead.

And as we wrap this particular post up we do it and make sure that we leave room for consideration to think about your health and think about if there needs to be a cleansing of your system.

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